Sunday, March 2, 2014

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The story… of our letters.

Our adventures began on a trip to Europe one summer. London, Germany, the south of France, Italy anywhere our train passes would take us… Everywhere we looked there was beautiful architecture and landscape to take pictures of….

I am a lover of macro photography… those close up shots of common objects, that let you see deep inside them in a way that is abstract and beautiful. Texture, shape, color, blurred out backgrounds that add interest to the subject intrigue me.
Old signs, rusty metal iron, glass, stones, nature… so as the story goes…. I ended up with many pictures of these “closeup” images and letters… than maybe I did of the landscapes… probably 25 to 1. What fun this game we started playing, capturing “LETTERS” from old signs in French flea markets, to abstract “LETTERS” from the handles of beer steins in Germany… the search was on for the coolest, craziest “LETTERS” we could find. Letters from every little village and large city that we visited… Crazy enough… I can still remember where most of them were taken and what they were a part of (these up close shots , of pieces , of things).
Back in America…. Of couse we added baseball , blue jeans and apple pie…. Have fun building your memories with our “Photo LETTERS” as you spell out things like your family name, first name, words of inspiration, etc….. the creative part is now up to you…
These “LETTERS” look great framed up with a big bow around them , on someone specials wedding gift table… Use your imagination…building your words… and have fun. We are thrilled we have a chance to share our adventures with you. Enjoy !!

Kathy Hilger
Elements of Design